Network access billing

Customer care and access billing management system

In July 2009, we rolled out our new customer care and billing (CC&B) system - also known as NetCIS. The system calculates the access charges for every entry and exit point in the SWIS that is owned and operated by us.

The CC&B system eliminates the need for legacy systems used in the past and has changed the way network operators and retailers communicate on a commercial basis. The areas of change include:

  • retirement of the web based TOAAPS billing system
  • introduction of the XML communication process which affects:
    - receiving of invoices
    - disputing process
    - payment processes
  • the presentation of invoices, which eliminated the inclusion of meter data and standing data

Items that remain unchanged include:

  • the delivery of meter data which still goes to the retailer portal
  • the delivery of standing data updates which is still sent to the retailer via the retailer portal

Network billing specification

The network billing specification outlines the business-to-business (B2B) process for the electronic exchange of network billing transactions between the network operator and code participants. It has been jointly developed by both parties in agreement with the WA B2B specification work group – terms of reference (PDF 46kb) and can be found at WA B2B process specification – network billing (version 8F) (PDF 947kb). 

The issues raised by market participants are contained in the Network B2B specification market participant comment (PDF 127kb) and are also available in zip file format.

Reference manual

The NetCIS reference manual (PDF 4.6mb - large file) enables small retailers to set up a PC-based environment around the Excel 2003 application and therefore participate in the WA energy market.