Metering is a key part of the electricity network and covers:

  • metering code
  • metrology
  • meter reading
  • market transaction rules between us and electricity retailers

Metering Code

The Electricity Industry (Metering) Code 2012 provides information on rights, obligations and responsibilities of Code participants. It outlines rules for providing metering installations at connection points, metering services, standing data and energy data.

Metering Code Model Service Level Agreement (SLA)

We provide metering services to electricity retailers in accordance with the Metering Code Model* Service Level Agreement (SLA) (PDF 809kb). The SLA includes information on the costs and timeframes of metering work and services – including scheduled and off-cycle meter reading, electricity meter upgrades and installations, retailer credit management work and the provision of metering data for these tasks.

The SLA also relates to the Electricity Industry (Metering) Code 2012 by detailing how we and electricity retailers meet Code obligations.

*Applicable for retailers where no other agreement is current.

SWIS Communication Rules

SWIS Communication Rules (PDF 45kb) provide information on communication methods and protocols for metering services and were created in accordance with part 6 of the Metering Code.

Details and technical specifications for the methods and protocols can be found in the Build Pack.


Clause 6.21 (5) of The Electricity Industry (Metering) Code 2012 required a review of the South West Interconnected System (SWIS) Communication Rules. These rules set the business to business processes and transactions between Western Power and Code Participants. These rules affect both business to business transactions via the Market Participant Gateway, and the Metering Portal on the Western Power website. The amendments, described in Western Power's Final Proposal (below), will take effect from 7 December 2013.

Western Power's final proposed amendments.

Western Power's initial proposal for amendments, which was published on 6 June 2013.

Western Power's Future Work Plan associated with the SWIS Communication Rules.

Western Power's Notice to Code Participants: Forward Work Plan for the SWIS Communication Rules

Metrology Procedure

The Metrology Procedure (PDF 961kb) provides information on the correct provision, installation and maintenance of metering installations in the WA electricity network. It also includes our Meter Management Plan (PDF 1mb). These documents are managed under the Electricity Industry (Metering) Code 2012 and subject to approval by the Economic Regulation Authority.

NMI Allocation Procedure

NMI (National metering identifier) is a distinct and universal identifier or Code for each connection point in the electricity market. The NMI Allocation Procedure for the Western Australia electricity market (PDF 599kb) outlines how Codes are allocated and the type of meter configurations and data streams allowed at a connection point.

Mandatory Link Criteria

The Mandatory Link Criteria (PDF 109kb) explains when and why we may need to install a communication link as part of a metering installation. This document is managed under the Electricity Industry (Metering) Code 2012