Generator and transmission connections

Does this process apply to you?

The information below applies to the following types of generators and loads:

  • All transmission load connections
  • Generators in excess of 30 kVA (excluding embedded generation)

If you need to connect another type of generator or load, please refer to the business or residential connections section of our website.

Western Power is a regulated business

As the sole owner and operator of the electricity network in the south west of Western Australia, Western Power is a natural monopoly delivering the essential service of transporting electricity from generators to customers.

Western Power is regulated by an independent body of the State Government, the Economic Regulation Authority (ERA). The role of the ERA is to ensure that Western Power delivers an efficient service at a fair price, through various mechanisms including the Access Arrangement and Western Power’s transmission and distribution licenses.

Please refer to the 'Regulatory Requirements' and the 'Applications and Queuing Policy' fact sheets for more information on how Western Power is regulated and how this affects the connection process.

Connection process overview and fact sheets

Please refer to the following process maps for an overview of the connection process. Clicking on the linked fact sheets will provide additional information for each stage of the process.

Competing Applications Group (CAG) Process
Competing Applications
Group (CAG) Process

Non-competing application thresholds

How to apply for access to our network

If you are a large electricity load looking to connect to our transmission network, or an electricity generator, you must start the connection process by submitting an Enquiry with Western Power.

Please complete the below Enquiry Form and email to or fax to (08) 9326 6550.

An Access Sponsor will contact you within five business days to arrange a suitable time to meet and discuss your enquiry.

Enquiry form

  1. Enquiry notification of proposed connection application (Transmission connected loads & non-embedded generation in excess of 30 kVA)

Following completion of the Enquiry Stage, you may submit a connection application using one of the following as appropriate.

Application forms

Transmission Generator Access Application form

Transmission Load Access Application form

Distribution Generator (>30 kVA) Access Application form