Electronic ticketing

Electronic Ticketing (ETIC) allows preliminary and completion notices to be submitted electronically via our website. Once notices are submitted via ETIC, they are downloaded into our computer systems, validated and automatically processed.

Sign up as an electrical contractor

To sign up for ETIC,  EnergySafety registered management representatives need to complete an Application for an Electrical Contractors ETIC account.  Once processed, we will contact you with your ETIC account details.

Registering nominees and office workers

Once you have signed up as an electrical contractor you can register your office staff and nominees and link them to your registration.

This will enable those staff to login, enter notices and, in the case of nominees, certify and submit the tickets on your behalf.

Click here to go to the registration page.

System requirements

To use the ETIC system, EnergySafety requires that:

  • you are a fully licensed electrical contractor with an up-to-date registration with EnergySafety
  • your contracting company had a specified nominee with an up-to-date registration with EnergySafety

Update your details

To update your EnergySafety details, complete and submit the application to change details form to EnergySafety.

Need help?

If you are having problems with ETIC, first of all refer to the ETIC User Guide or one of our Quick Help Guides:

Adding users to your Electrical Contractors account  Appointment for a meter change  Wiring notification for a metered supply 
Searching for notices Unmetered supply point  Appointment at a metered installation
Embedded generation  New connection - metered Wiring for a non-metered transportable
Contractor connected new connection Contractor connected energisation of wiring Contractor connected relocation of meter

Alternatively if you require further assistance call 13 10 87 to speak to Western Power’s Energisation Team for further help.