Power interruptions and restoration


Our crews work around the clock to restore power as quickly and safely as possible.

When you call the fault line 13 13 51 or access the power interruption information tool, you are given an estimated restoration time. The actual duration of any power interruption is affected by a number of factors including the:

  • number of high priority incidents being managed, including new reports which may continue to flow in, for example, during a storm
  • location of the fault and how close your property is to it
  • ability to use back-up supplies while we repair the fault
  • nature of the fault and how easy it is to repair
  • time required to get extra resources to a site when needed

If you call 13 13 51 after you have heard the estimated restoration time you can hold to speak to a customer service representative. We encourage you to do so, particularly if you have information which may help us identify the nature or location of a problem.

Power restoration

When power goes out, we use clear guidelines to determine the order of repairs.

The guidelines take into account everyone’s safety.  Faults affecting essential services such as hospitals, and those affecting the greatest number of customers, are given priority.

Priority list

  1. Hazardous situations - for example, fallen powerlines or damaged electrical infrastructure - and essential services such as hospitals
  2. Any high voltage bulk transmission lines that supply power to thousands of customers
  3. Localised faults that affect clusters of homes and businesses
  4. Individual homes and businesses