Your safety

Western Power urges you to always respect electricity. Do not attempt to solve electrical faults by yourself. We cannot see, hear or smell electricity and if not treated with care it can cause harm or even death. 

Call Western Power immediately on 13 13 51 (24 hours) if:

  • You get an electric shock, no matter how small, from taps, water pipes, power tools or electrical appliances.
  • Lights are glowing dimly.
  • You witness an electrical accident.

Call a licensed electrical contractor without delay if you have problems with the electrical wiring at your premises. For example, if your:

  • Fuses constantly blow.
  • Power points or appliances spark.
  • Circuit breakers or safety switches operate repeatedly.
  • Power points or light fittings are damaged.

Safety switches (Residual Current Devices)

Safety switches monitor the flow of electricity through a circuit. If a problem is detected, the safety switch shuts off the flow of power - often fast enough to save a life or prevent damage to your appliances. We strongly recommend you install safety switches at your premises. They are now compulsory in all new homes and home extensions in Western Australia.

However, while safety switches are designed to save lives, they do not provide complete protection against electrocution. You must always take extreme care with electricity and use only licensed electrical contractors to perform electrical work on your home or business premises.  

For more information on safety switches please refer to the 'Safety' section of our website or call us on 13 10 87.

Our Guarantee: We will conduct all work in a manner where the community and our employees and contractors are free from injury and harm. We will not compromise on safety.

Insist on an Electrical Safety Certificate

Whenever a licensed electrical contractor completes electrical work at your premises, they are required to provide you with an Electrical Safety Certificate. This certificate is your guarantee that work has been carried out by a licensed electrical contractor, in accordance with the Western Australian Electrical Requirements and AS/NZS 3000 (Wiring Rules). 

Stay clear of powerlines, underground cables and substations

If you come across fallen or broken powerlines, always assume they are live - do not approach them. Please call us on 13 13 51. If you are in a vehicle that has hit a pole, you should phone emergency services on 000 and Western Power on  13 13 51 immediately. 

In addition to poles and wires, our network includes a number of substations and switchyards that are clearly signed and fenced to prevent unauthorised access. Contact with equipment inside these facilities can be life-threatening, so it is critical that you never attempt to enter these places. If you do see a dangerous situation, such as substation gates open, please call us on  13 13 51.

We also have a large network of underground power cables near roads and footpaths. It is important that you call Dial-Before-You-Dig on 1100 before you start work to confirm the location of any power cables you could come into contact with during your work.


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