Your property

Access to your premises

At times we need to access your property to read the electricity meter, inspect new electrical work, carry out maintenance on our electrical equipment, connect or disconnect the electricity supply and prune vegetation away from powerlines.

It is important that you provide our staff with safe, convenient and unhindered access to undertake this work. If something at your premises represents a hazard to our staff, such as an aggressive dog, please call us on 13 10 87 so we can advise our staff accordingly.

If our staff or contractors need to access your house and you have cultural traditions you would like them to follow, please let them know. Provided it does not create a safety risk, they will make every effort to follow your request.

Our guarantees:

  • We or our representatives will wear or carry official Western Power identification, and show that identification to you on request.
  • If you have powerlines (transmission or distribution) running through your property, and we need to carry out work on them, we will contact you beforehand to arrange a suitable time.
  • We will respect your property and only remain there for the time it takes us to perform our role of supplying electricity safely to you and others. 


Prior to connecting power to your premises, we must make sure that an electricity supply exists at the boundary of your property and is able to supply adequate power to meet your needs. If we need to upgrade our network infrastructure to connect electricity to your premises, we will work with you to set a date for the connection to be completed. In some instances it may be necessary to pass the cost of these upgrades on to you. For more information about network infrastructure upgrades, please call us on 13 10 87.

Our Guarantee: Once your new connection is safe and ready, we will energise it within the times shown below:

Location Application received before 3pm on a business day Application received after 3pm on a business day, Saturday, Sunday or public holiday
Perth metro and major regional centres Within one business day Within two business days
Other areas Within five business days Within six business days




Generally, Western Power will only disconnect the power supply to your premises when your electricity retailer advises us to do so, under their contract with you.

We will not disconnect your premises:

  • After 3pm Monday to Thursday.
  • After 12 noon on a Friday.
  • On a weekend, public holiday or business day before a public holiday, except in the case of a planned interruption.

However, we may disconnect the power supply to your premises at any time under the following circumstances:

  • If your power supply represents a safety risk.
  • In cases of emergency.
  • If the supply is not in accordance with statutory requirements.
  • When instructed to do so by another authority, such as FESA or the state police.
  • If we reasonably believe that our meter or supply equipment has been interfered with.

Your electricity meter

An electricity meter is a device that measures and records the consumption of electricity. It is usually enclosed in a meter box on an external wall of your house or building

There are two basic types of meters:

1. Flat rate meters that record your total electricity usage, regardless of the time of day or night at which it is consumed.
2. Time-of-use meters that record the amount of electricity used during different times of the day and night.

In most cases, Western Power will read your meter and pass on this information to your electricity retailer for billing purposes.  In some rural and remote areas, customers 'self-read' their meter and forward this information to Western Power.

It is important for us to have easy and safe access to your meter.  Your meter should be:

  • Accessible without the need to enter neighbouring properties.
  • Accessible from the front of your property without having to pass through side gates.
  • Located on the principal frontage, if the building is a corner property.
  • Not inside a carport.

You may enclose and lock your meter box provided the enclosure door is fitted with a viewing window and you use an approved lock, available through locksmiths, for which Western Power has a master key.

Trees and powerlines

Trees or branches that come into contact with powerlines are a major cause of power failure and can also result in bushfires and serious accidents.

You need to ensure there is a safe distance of at least 2.5 metres between trees on your property and powerlines. If not, you should arrange for the trees to be trimmed by a professional as soon as possible. If we have to trim your tree because it is too close to powerlines, you will be charged for the service.

Local councils are usually responsible for trimming trees on street verges. If you see a tree on the street verge growing too close to powerlines, please inform your local council or Western Power immediately on 13 10 87. 

How to check if your tree needs cutting
Start by measuring your stride. One large stride should equal approximately 1 metre.
Step 1. Facing the tree, position yourself directly under the powerlines closest to the tree that you're checking. 
Step 2. Make sure your shoulders are parallel and directly under the powerline.
Step 3. Take two and a half large strides towards the tree.
Step 4. Stop. Turn 90 degrees and look straight up. Is there any vegetation between where you are looking and the powerline?
Step 5. If yes, hire a qualified tree cutter who is trained to work near powerlines and insured to do this work.


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