Report a problem

Faults and emergencies  

13 13 51 (24 hours)

TTY users (speech or hearing impaired) 1800 13 13 51

Streetlights not working (off during the night or on all day) 

Issue with location and number of streetlights

Online Form or 1800 622 008 (24 hours)


Online Form or
1800 442 255 (24 hours)

Vegetation too close to powerlines (but not touching)

13 10 87

Power Quality - lights flickering, appliances fail or television and radio interference

Online Form or
13 13 51

Note: Cordless phones do not work when there is no power, it is better to use a ‘standard’ landline phone when calling about power outages as they do not need power to operate and our system will recognise your location and provide specific updates. Calls from mobile phones to any of our numbers will attract higher call rates. 1800 numbers are free unless the call is made from a mobile phone (whereby the call will be charged at the applicable mobile rate).

What is a fault?

If you experience one of the scenarios below, call 13 13 51 to report the fault:

  • no power, dim or fluctuating power, partial power
  • vegetation touching powerlines
  • vandalism

What is an emergency?

If you experience one of the scenarios below, call 13 13 51 immediately:


We install and maintain streetlights on behalf of most local councils. Councils control the location, brightness and number of streetlights in their area. Freeway and main arterial road lighting is installed and maintained by Main Roads Western Australia.

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