Power reliability and quality

We aim to provide a reliable supply of electricity. Unfortunately, there are many situations beyond our control that can interrupt supply without warning. Whilst we do our best to minimise the number and duration of power outages, it is important to be aware of the possible risks to your property or business and to consider the:

  • equipment/processes that would be affected by an outage
  • consequence or potential cost of an outage
  • possible need for  back up or other support options to lessen the risk

Western Power is responsible for one of the largest isolated networks in the world - nearly 88,000 kilometres of powerlines covering an area from Kalbarri to Kalgoorlie to Albany. Much of this is above ground and is therefore exposed to a large number of fault risks.

Power reliability differs for customers depending on their location but in general terms, is influenced by:

  • location to the supplying substation and various protection devices
  • overall length of the distribution line
  • number of underground versus overhead powerlines
  • set-up of the network
  • local environment, such as dense vegetation, high winds, salt /pollution risks
  • exposure to electrical storms
  • age and condition of infrastructure

By regularly reviewing our performance, we continue to develop our power reliability improvement programs that target problem areas and ensure we provide the best possible customer service. 

Power quality

Power quality is the technical characteristics of the electricity supply received, such as voltage levels, fluctuations and disturbances. Details on Australian standards for power supply quality can be found on the Energy Networks Association (ENA) and the Electricity Supply Association of Australia Ltd (ESAA) websites.

If you are concerned about the quality of your power or have a power quality issue - for example low volts, high volts, fluctuating power - report the problem to us so we can investigate. In some cases, your power supply may need to be monitored over a few days.

TV and radio interference

Interference with your television or radio reception can be caused by a number of factors. Visit the Australian Communications and Media Authority’s (ACMA) website or download the handbook ‘Better television and radio reception' to help identify and resolve any problems you may have.

If you suspect the interference is caused by the electricity supply system, call 13 13 51.

Annual reliability and power quality report

These reports document the reliability and power quality information required as part of schedule 1 of the Electricity Industry (Network Quality and Reliability of Supply) Code 2005.

2010/2011 Report Audit Report
2009/2010 Report Audit Report
2008/2009 Report Audit Report
2007/2008 Report Audit Report

Map of reliability performance

The maps attached show how your power supply fared each year.  The percentage figures are the ASAI (Average Service Availability Index) and highlight the availability of your power supplies.  A figure of 99.95% means your power supply was available 99.95% of the time.

12 months to January 2008 Country   Metropolitan

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