Planned power outages

When we are planning work that will affect your power supply

To ensure that we keep your power reliable and are able to meet your power needs, we sometimes need to do work on the electricity network that requires us to turn off the power.

Turning off power is a last resort and is only done when it's essential for the safety of our crew and the community. We will always look for ways to carry out work on the electricity network that does not involve turning off your power. Whenever possible we will work on the live network or look for opportunities, like back feeding, to maintain your power supply while we do the work.


Why does Western Power carry out work that affects my power supply?

Western Power's electricity network brings power to over 1 million connected customers spread over and area of 255,000sq km, and is made up of over 800,000 poles and towers supporting almost 98,000km of power lines. Keeping the network safe and reliable is a big task.

Will there be other work that will affect my power supply?

Yes, there may be other work in the future that will affect your power supply, but we will let you know about this beforehand. We do our best to minimise work where we know a customer's power supply may be affected.

Will the work definitely be going ahead?

The work is scheduled to go ahead and unless there are any unforeseen circumstances, it will take place as notified. Work may be cancelled without notice for several reasons; including safety, weather, faults and changes to the network.

Will the work start and finish at the times I have been notified?

The work should take place between the times notified. However, it can take a couple of hours to switch off the power safely; this means that some customers may lose power before others. Sometimes we come across problems during the day that means there may be a delay in switching your power back on at the scheduled time.

It may be handy to know you can stay up to date with power outages affecting your area by downloading the free Western Power app or call us on 13 13 51. Our Customer Service team is here around the clock, every day of the year.

Can you change my notification address?

Please contact your retailer.

Can you provide me with a generator?

While we know it's never convenient to be without power, it's not possible to provide everyone with generators. We need to prioritise for customers who provide essential services (eg hospitals and aged care facilities) and customers with health requirements dependant on power. We do encourage customers to plan for times when there is no power whether they are planned or as the result of something outside our control like a storm or an accident.

We encourage customers who may have a temporary or ongoing medical dependency on electricity to discuss this with your doctor and perhaps make arrangements to relocate for the day.

If you would like us to consider your situation, please contact us on 13 10 87 (Mon to Fri 7am - 5pm) prior to the planned outage date. 

Will Western Power compensate me for turning my power off?

Compensation is not available if we have notified you that we will be conducting work that will affect the power supply to your property.

What should I do if I wasn't notified?

If you have lost power because we are conducting maintenance work and you were not notified, we apologise. If this happens, you are entitled to a Service Standard Payment of $50, and you may be eligible to claim for loss or damage. If you think you are entitled to make a claim please call 13 13 51 or go to our Claims page, where you will find more information and printable forms for both Service Standard Payments and Loss or Damage claims.

Why I am not affected despite being notified?

It could be that our network information for your property wasn't accurate at the time of notification.

Please call us on 13 13 51 if this happens so that we can check the network information we have for your property and if necessary update it. This will make sure you're notified correctly for future work that will affect power to your property.

What to do if your power is being turned off:

Electrical equipment

  • if you have solar panels, your electricity inverter will automatically switch off when power loss occurs and switch back on when power is restored.  Please note, unless you have battery back-up, this planned outage will still affect your property
  • if you have a monitored security alarm without a backup battery, advise your security company of the planned outage
  • cordless telephones do not operate without mains power. We recommend you have an alternative phone available
  • unplug sensitive appliances - for example computers & TVs to reduce the risk of damage from power surges that can occur when power is restored 
  • unplug electric heaters so they are not a hazard when power is restored 
  • keep fridge/freezer doors closed. Food will keep for at least 12 hours if seals are in good condition and doors not opened 
  • know how to manually operate automatic garage doors
  • check your meter box to ensure safety devices, including residual current devices, have not operated
  • investigate use of a generator if feel you can't be without power while we carry out the required maintenance work. For more information about generators please refer to our "Portable home and standby generators" information.

During the planned outage

  • place a bowl of ice in your fridge and freezer to keep them cool
  • for your safety, please adhere to all warning signs, barriers and safety messages near our work site
  • leave a light on inside your house, so you know when power is restored.

Contact us

If you have any questions about a planned outage, or if we have failed to provide three days notice, please call:

13 10 87

or complete a Service Standard Payments form

Download our outage app

You can stay up to date with power outages affecting your area by downloading the free Western Power app. Available for iOS, Android and Windows devices.