Faulty streetlight

This form is only to be used for non-urgent streetlight problems.

What to do if a streetlight is not working

Because faulty streetlights are typically only evident at night-time, our customers are a valuable source of information when it comes to identifying faulty streetlights.

If you notice a streetlight is not working as it should; for example it’s not coming on at night or it’s staying on during the day, please let us know via the short form below. Alternatively you can call our Customer Service Team on 13 13 51 – they’re here around the clock, every day of the year.

How long will the repair take?

In most cases streetlights in the metro area are repaired within 5 days, and those in country within 10 days.

If the streetlight is being affected by an underground cable fault, it can take several weeks to pin point and repair the cable in order to fix the streetlight. Locating the cause of the problem when the cables are buried underground can be difficult, especially when the cables are located under footpaths, garden beds or roads.

This form is only to be used for non-urgent streetlight problems. For any urgent or dangerous issues (such as a vehicle hitting a streetlight) please call 13 13 51.

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Faults and Emergencies

Call 13 13 51.

Other problems


If you are unsure about how to report the problem you are experiencing, go to the How to Report a Problem page.