Disability access and inclusion

Disability currently affects one third of the Western Australian population. We believe that by helping to create an accessible and inclusive community, we can reduce the impact of disability. People with disabilities, their families and carers have the same rights as other community members to access our services, information and facilities. These rights are enshrined in both State and Commonwealth legislation, which make it unlawful to discriminate against a person with a disability.

Through our Disability Access and Inclusion Plan 2016 - 2020 (PDF 473kb) we are systematically identifying and overcoming barriers that restrict access to our:

  • Services
  • Buildings
  • Information
  • Complaint mechanisms
  • Public consultations
  • Employment opportunities

The plan was developed via consultation with our staff, customers, disability service agencies and the broader community. It is available in alternative formats on request, such as large print, electronic format (disk or emailed), audio or Braille. 

A team of representatives from across the business oversee implementation of the plan and report on our progress via our Annual Report and to the Disability Services Commission each year.   


We aim to provide all our information in a format that is easy to read and understand. To request information in an alternative format, such as hard copy, large print, languages other than English, audio format (CD or cassette) or Braille, please contact us on 13 10 87, TTY 1800 13 13 51, TIS 13 14 50 or email our Customer Service Centre.

Viewing Adobe PDF documents

Some of our documents are published in PDF format. This allows them to be downloaded and printed with their original formatting intact. These files require the Adobe Acrobat reader (Version 5.0 or greater) to be viewed and printed. This reader is free and may be downloaded from the Adobe website.

PDF publications can be converted to a format suitable for a screen reader by:

  1. Submitting the URL of the PDF document to the Adobe online conversion tools, which will return the text in html format readable by appropriate screen reader software.
  2. Downloading the PDF document and emailing it to Adobe, to be converted and returned in plain format.

Contractor requirements

The Disability Services Act requires Western Power’s Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (PDF 473kb) (DAIP) to be implemented by our contractors as well as our staff.

Where contractors provide a service to the public on Western Power’s behalf, these services are to be provided in a manner consistent with our DAIP.

Contractors will not necessarily be involved in implementing every strategy outlined in the DAIP; the focus is upon broadly supporting its six desired outcomes (listed at the top of this page).

By 30 May each year, contractors are required to submit a one-page Contractor Report (PDF 45kb) to Western Power, indicating which DAIP outcomes they have progressed and a brief summary of activities undertaken.

Help us improve accessibility

We welcome your feedback. If you would like to comment on our Disability Access and Inclusion Plan, make a suggestion to improve access, or comment on one of our initiatives, please contact us by one of the following methods:                                         

Phone 13 10 87 (Please ask for the Disability Access and Inclusion Plan Coordinator)
TTY   1800 13 13 51 
TIS   13 14 50
Fax   (08) 9225 2660 
Email daip@westernpower.com.au 
Mail Access and Inclusion Officer
Western Power Customer Service Centre
GPO Box L921
Perth WA 6842