Customer charter

Our customer charter outlines our relationship with you. It summarises our customer service standards and responsibilities - what we as the electricity distributor will do for you and how you can assist us.

This charter applies to you if you use up to 160 megawatt hours (MWh) of electricity per year - equal to an annual bill of about $30,520. It should be read in conjunction with your electricity retailer's customer charter.

To request a copy in an alternative format, phone 13 10 87 or email

Customer charter contents 


The Western Power Customer Charter

This Customer Charter outlines our relationship with you. It summarises our customer service standards and responsibilities under the Code of Conduct for the Supply of Electricity to Small Use Customers (the Code) and the Electricity Industry Act 2004 - what we as the electricity distributor will do for you and how you can be of assistance to us.

This Charter applies to you if you use up to 160 megawatt hours (MWh) of electricity per year - equal to an annual bill of about $30,520. If you use more than 160 MWh of electricity per year, please refer to Western Power's Access Arrangement available on our website ( or from our Customer Service Centre on 13 10 87.  

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Copies of this Charter

You can download a copy of this Charter below:

You can call also us on 13 10 87 to request it in an alternative format such as hardcopy, large print, a language other than English, audio format or Braille.

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Western Power is committed to operating the electricity network safely, reliably and efficiently. We recognise how important our service is to the community and the impact it has on our stakeholders.

We are committed to actively engaging with our customers and listening to their needs. By doing this we are able to provide energy solutions that are tailored to our customers' energy needs, both current and future.

To ensure Western Power provides the highest level of service, we are always looking for ways to improve our customers' experiences. We appreciate your feedback to find out where we do things well, and where we can improve.

This Charter is a guide to the services we provide and our commitment to you in respect to those services, as well as a benchmark for all Western Power people to meet and exceed our customers' expectations.

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Western Power is your electricity distributor

Western Power is your electricity distributor in the South West Interconnected System (SWIS). We own the electricity network, which consists of nearly 88,000 kilometres of powerlines stretching from Kalbarri in the north, to Kalgoorlie in the east and south to Albany. Our services include the planning, construction, operation and maintenance of the powerlines and cables needed to deliver electricity to your home or business.

Your electricity retailer is the company from which you buy your electricity. They will send your electricity bill and respond to general enquiries about your account. They will also arrange the supply of energy services such as green energy, and arrange changes to your electricity account if for example, you are moving house. You may receive a separate Customer Charter from your electricity retailer, which will refer to your contractual arrangement with them.

More information on the Code that underpins this Charter and the role of energy distributors and retailers, is available from the Economic Regulation Authority's website 

Currently in Western Australia, if you consume up to 50 MWh of electricity per year (an annual electricity bill of approximately $8,720 or less) your electricity retailer is Synergy, or Horizon Power if you are in an area outside the SWIS. 

If you consume more than 50 MWh of electricity per year, you are able to choose your electricity retailer.

Regardless of which retailer you buy your electricity from, Western Power will continue to service the electricity network in your area and remain responsible for the safe, reliable supply of electricity in the State's south west.

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What can you expect from Western Power?

Our values

The following values form the basis of our relationship with each other and with you:

Safety:  We put safety first
Integrity:  We are open, honest and consistent
Respect:  We respect ourselves, others and the environment
Service:  We are a service business
Delivery:  We deliver on our promises

Our customers

We are dedicated to excellence in customer service and strive to ensure that your experience with Western Power is a positive one.  We engage with our customers to ensure we understand their requirements and deliver a range of services and solutions to meet them.

Our community

We work together with our community to develop appropriate energy solutions through open and ongoing consultation. We are committed to reducing the social impact of our infrastructure and services through a range of initiatives that remove high risk community hazards and by increasing the provision of underground power. 

Our environment

We plan and conduct our business activities in a way that minimizes and where possible avoids adverse effects on our natural environment and social surroundings, for the benefit of current and future generations. We work to support communities with sustainable energy solutions. 


We strive for excellence in the delivery of electricity and in the service we provide you.

Our guarantee: We aim to answer at least 85 per cent of calls received by our Customer Service Centre within 30 seconds. If you post or email a written enquiry to us, we will respond within ten business days.

Please note, if your enquiry relates to opening or closing your electricity account, bill payments, a connection or a disconnection, you will need to contact your electricity retailer. You will find their contact information on your last electricity bill.


Western Power is committed to connecting people with electricity in a safe, reliable and affordable way and in doing so, is focused on consistently satisfying our customers’ needs. We understand we may not achieve this in all our interactions with you. So if this occurs, we would like you to tell us about it, as your feedback helps us to improve our services. We would like you to tell us by calling 13 10 87, submitting the online form, or completing the PDF complaint form and sending to:

  • Western Power Complaints Team
    Locked Bag 2520
    Perth WA 6001

If you make a complaint, we will:

Provide you with information and assistance, on request and at no charge, to help you use our complaints process.

  • Use information you provide, together with customer records, to help resolve your complaint.
  • Provide a detailed explanation of the reasons behind our decision, in relation to your complaint.
  • Refer your complaint to the appropriate organisation if it does not relate to our activity, and advise you of the referral. 

Our guarantee: We will acknowledge all written complaints within ten working days and respond within 20 working days. If we fail to do so, you may apply for a $50 payment by calling us on 13 10 87 within three months of your initial complaint. 

If you are not satisfied with our response or decision, you can:

  • Call us on 13 10 87 to arrange for your complaint to be reviewed by a senior Western Power employee: or
  • Contact the Energy and Water Ombudsman, who receives, investigates and resolves complaints against energy companies. It is a free and independent service that is easy to access by emailing, calling 08 9220 7588 or 1800 754 004 (free for callers outside the metropolitan area)

We'll make every effort...

Occasionally exceptional circumstances may prevent us from meeting your service request. These include: where safety is at risk, emergencies, storms, action by third parties (such as vandalism) or when we are unable to access your premises.  Although we cannot offer guarantees in these cases, we will make every effort to give you the best possible service. Any payments made in relation to our customer service standards are made without any admission of legal liability. Any fees normally payable by you (for example, connection fees) will still be payable.

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General information

Our contractors

Our contractors uphold our values and are required to work within the customer service standards outlined in this Charter. They will wear or carry official Western Power identification when working on the network or at your premises, and will show that identification to you on request.

Illegal use and interference

You must not use or obtain electricity illegally. This applies to:

Using electricity in a way that interferes with or damages the network.

  • Using electricity supplied to another address at your premises.
  • Supplying electricity to another premises or person unless you have the authority to do so.
  • Interfering with any connection services or equipment that we have provided.

If you fail to meet these obligations, we may undertake any rectification work at your cost and arrange for immediate disconnection of your premises.

Keeping your retailer and us informed of changes

It is important to inform your electricity retailer as soon as possible if:

  • You change your contact details, including your postal address or phone number.
  • There are changes at your premises that may affect our access to your electricity meter, such as a new fence.

Your electricity retailer will then pass this information on to us so that we can update our records.

Your right to privacy

We will keep your details private and confidential. We will not provide information or details of your electricity usage to a retailer, other than your present retailer, without your consent.

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