Moving our equipment

Our transmission or distribution equipment can relocated, reconfigured, raised or placed underground.

Oversized vehicles

If you are transporting high or wide loads and need powerlines lifted or moved, visit the oversized vehicles section of our website.

Moving distribution equipment

Distribution equipment is under 33 kV and includes poles, transformers, pillars and overhead/underground lines.  This equipment is usually moved for road works, land development, new driveways or home improvements (i.e. fences and walls).

Illustrations showing what distribution equipment looks like.

How to apply

To apply to have distribution equipment moved, complete one of the following forms:

By making an application the electricity supply to the property may be temporarily interrupted to allow the work to be undertaken. If the power is interrupted you confirm this will not adversely affect anyone at the property who relies on Life Support Equipment.

Moving transmission equipment

Transmission equipment is over 33 kV and includes poles, overhead and underground lines.  This equipment is usually moved for major land development, road works, construction and infrastructure projects.

Illustrations showing what 136 and 66 kV transmission equipment look like.

Illustrations showing what 330 kV transmission equipment look like.

For more information, refer to the transmission line relocations fact sheet (PDF 193 kb) and working near powerlines fact sheet (PDF 1.35 Mb).

How to apply

To apply to have transmission equipment moved, contact 13 10 87 or

How much will it cost?

Requests are assessed and quoted on a case-by-case basis. All relocation work is 100% customer funded.

Additional charges may be incurred in the following instances:

Type of fee


Current cost

Business hours After hours
Distribution Network Service Relocate a direct meter (overhead or underground) $500* $750*             
Part payment arrangement fee Charged for changes made by the customer to the normal payment scheme offered.  $550* N/A
Project cancellation fee  Charged if the customer cancels or changes the job before construction starts and/or if any design costs are incurred.  $550 (inc GST)
plus design costs
Administration fee  An administration fee may also be charged if the job is cancelled or changes are made after construction starts and/or any costs are incurred prior to cancellation or scope change.  $550 plus costs incurred (GST inc on admin only) N/A

*Charges are inclusive of GST

For more information

Contact our customer service centre on 13 10 87 or

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